I was lucky to grow up in rural Wisconsin.  I was surrounded by beautiful nature, clean air, a loving family and a strong community who had a commitment to staying healthy and helping the young thrive.  After a great education at Iowa-Grant High School, I was able to continue my studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I dabbled in my first yoga classes with Professor Phillip Zarrilli.

This was the beginning of my life-long-love of yoga.  Apart from making me physically and mentally stronger, yoga has been my constant companion and my teacher in times of contentment or of sorrow.  I’ve been lucky to be able to study with amazing teachers over the last 20 years and spend a lot of time in India with my late yoga teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

My goal as a teacher is to assist each student in developing a personal practice that they can use as a tool to relieve stress and promote health, both physically and mentally. I am pleased to share my knowledge with the community that helped me flourish as a child.

Who: All are welcome; young, old, stiff, supple, thin, fat, apathetic, energetic.
When: June 21st. from 830-10am

Where: Hidden Valley Community Church 605 N Bennett Road Dodgeville WI 53533

Price:  Donation