Here’s to the Juicy Goddess

Today I embarked on my annual fall purvakarma Ayurvedic cleanse.  Although I didn’t plan it this way, it turns out this first day of cleansing falls on this new moon day and the first day of Navaratri ( a 10 day, 9 night Hindu festival dedicated to the Goddess Durga who represents purity and power in Hindu belief and is associated with the fertility of mother earth, which feeds us, her children),  According to Dr. Robert Sbovoda, ” Over the course of those nine nights as the moon waxes in visibility, light, and juiciness the serious seeker will strive to make his or her mind do likewise.”  This festival is celebrated throughout India in various ways but often they involve an fixed pot that symbolizes Devi and In this pot grains are allowed to sprout as the nights go by which symbolizes Devi’s ability generate to growth.

I love unplanned and auspiciously timed rituals.  I am hopeful that this cleanse will bring me a lighter body, clearer mind, more compassion and the juiciness that Dr. Sbovoda so beautifully describes. Here are my grains that were sprouted last night and then cooked into a delicious pot of kitchari to eat for the day. I will be doing this every day till next Wenesday so if you’re feeling inspired to join me, please do. You will find the recipe and the ingredients needed here: