Ayurveda Consultations

By appointment:
In person: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York or Via Skype: karrijinkins

Initial consultations: $180

This includes and initial 1.5 hour consultation, a treatment plan and one 30 minute follow up phone call within 2 weeks of the initial consultation.  

The Initial consultation with me begins with a comprehensive conversation about your health and lifestyle. I will determine your current dosha and we will decipher your lifelong prakriti in order to come up with a personal strategy for you to regain your health.  After discussing you health challenges and health hopes for the future, I will offer simple and sustainable diet, lifestyle and possibly herbal recommendations to bring you back into a state of health appropriate for your current stage in life and for the present season.  

Follow up appointments: 

 $100 per 1 hour sessions on facetime or in person.

$475 for Packages of five, 1 hour sessions.  

Make an appointment now: karrijinkins@mac.com