Ayurveda Consultations

By appointment:
Via Zoom or FaceTime (during the Covid 19 pandemic)

Free 15 minute consult: ask questions, get facts

Initial consultations: $150

This includes and initial 1.5 hour consultation, a treatment plan and one 30 minute follow up phone call within 2 weeks of the initial consultation.  

The Initial consultation with me begins with a comprehensive conversation about your health and lifestyle challenges. I will determine your dominant constitution as well as your current dosha imbalances. Together we will come up with an achievable personal strategy for you to regain your energy and vitality.  I will offer you simple and sustainable diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations to bring you back into a state of health appropriate for your current stage in life and for the present season.  

Follow up appointments: 
$100 per 1 hour sessions on facetime or in person.

$475 for Packages of five, 1 hour sessions. 

The follow-up appointments will shed light on the strategies that are working well. We will build on what is functional by using seasonal fine-tuning of the diet, lifestyle and herbal treatments.

Keep in mind that Ayurveda is one-of-a-kind approach to health. Each patient is considered unique and therefore an individual approach is needed for each case.

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download forms here: 

Prakriti assessment worksheet

Vrakriti assessment worksheet

New patient input form 

Women’s intake form 

Food combining rules   

Food lists for vpk                                               

Shatavari’s Impact on Female Hormones

New Patient-Arbitration