Ayurveda is a traditional system of health and healing that originated in ancient India approximately 4500 years ago.  Ayurveda is a path of living wisdom that deals with concepts of health, wellness, prevention and cure.  This system believes that body, mind and nature exist together and as each has the ability to move out of balance, there is an equal and powerful ability for our bodies, minds and nature to find balance and equilibrium and to exist in the oneness of the universe.

Through the use of diet, lifestyle and herbal remedies, together we can develop a daily practice for you that will bring about a deep sense of wellbeing that you will feel in your body, mind and spirit.

I offer in-home, in-office or on-line consultations and followups.
To schedule a session now, please contact me at:
karrijinkins@mac.com or 9172157710

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Shatavari’s Impact on Female Hormones

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